Our Association

GBDSA largely came into existence due to a void and need in our region.  The largest need was to connect and create relationships with families who have children with Down syndrome.
We are run by volunteers who for the most part have children with Down syndrome however it is not our intention to be an exclusive organization.  We hope to attract people into our organization who genuinely share and want to be part of our vision.
Celebration,  life appreciation and understanding of what life is like with Down syndrome is definitely more intimate for those living with it everyday.  However we hope to foster support from our community so that we can offer resources, financial and personal support to those with Down syndrome, and provide the families with opportunities to learn more about overcoming health and development challenges.  Topics of  social, educational and employment inclusion for those with Down syndrome are all also ideals that anyone in our community can appreciate.
We have close association and support for provincial and nation organizations such as The Canadian Down Syndrome Society (www.cdss.ca) and the Down Syndrome Association of Ontario (www.dsao.com).

Charitable Status – pending

GBDSA is a non-profit corporation in the province of Ontario.  We are currently in the process of becoming an official charitable organization and we hope to get that status sometime in 2013.